A Cool Wallet

My Wallet
My Big Skinny Wallet

Good design can show up anywhere, and it deserves to be pointed out. I recently stumbled across a product that was a bit of a revelation for me: the Big Skinny wallet.

Okay; maybe my OCD is showing, but I have for years searched for the perfect wallet. I don’t carry much in my wallet, but it always seemed to me that whatever wallet I used was just the wrong size.  Or too complicated, or too weird, or too expensive.

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How NOT to design a washroom

Here’s an example of really bad design of a washroom at Ryerson University.

It’s a well-known chestnut that we learn from our mistakes. What’s surprising is that we’re so slow at learning the simple things. Case in point: the recently constructed men’s washroom on the 3rd floor of Eric Palin Hall at Ryerson University.

Unfortunately, blogger does a relatively crappy job of allowing one to position images in posts, so instead of hacking away at it for hours, I’ll just direct you to the case study as I present it in my design courses.