Best. Wiki. Ever.

foswiki logo
Foswiki: one fine wiki.

Late in 2010, foswiki released the latest version of its wiki server system. I only recently got around to try it out. As far as I’m concerned, while it’s not perfect, it’s the best wiki available.

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A Tale of Three Wikis

A tale of 3 wikis
How shall I resolve my wiki conundrum?

If designing is a process of addressing situational imbalances (and I believe it is), then the problem I am writing about here is certainly a design matter.

I love wikis. I think they’re one of the great inventions of the Web Age and far more flexible and usable than alternatives like content management systems. Right now I’m struggling to choose a wiki to use in my work. Because I know many others have struggled like me in this matter, I offer my experience for you here as a case study of one person’s thoughts.

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A New Wiki on the Scene

Foswiki is good!

One year after it’s inception, foswiki is setting itself up as a great wiki engine.

A wiki is a software platform that facilitates collaborative web content development. Invented in 1995 by Ward Cunningham, this approach to content development was brought to serious public attention by Wikipedia, an attempt to create a collaborative encyclopedia of knowledge. While Wikipedia may have its problems as an encyclopedia, the software that makes it work, a wiki engine called MediaWiki, has become one of the gold standards of open source software.

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