Another Google summer

I heart Google
Need I say more?

I love Google.  They’re not perfect, but they’re one of the best companies out there.  And, I’d note, though they pay careful attention to what people say about them and their products, it seems that their primary source of direction and innovation is their own expertise.  This may fly in the face of some basic tenets of design, but it’s working for Google.  Indeed, this summer looks to be another fascinating googletime.

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Email, Social Media at Work, and The Next Big Thing

Where is it all going?
Where is it all going?

Recently, on CBC Spark, host Nora Young interviewed Luis Suarez about quitting email at work.  You can also see Suarez’s Web 2.0 Expo talk at Youtube.  It got me thinking about the role of software in our lives – especially in our work lives, and that regardless of how many new applications and systems are popping up, we’re still missing the Next Big Thing – maybe. Continue reading “Email, Social Media at Work, and The Next Big Thing”