This is not a door. This is a sad joke.

How horrible is this design? Let me count the ways!

How horrible is this design? Let me count the ways!

I keep seeing this horrible thing all over social media, and I have absolutely had it with people having intellectual orgasms over it.

An Austrian artist, Klemes Torggler, designed this brain fart.  It got picked up by a few design websites and then went viral.  Fortunately, that all passed months ago, except lately I’ve started noticing this thing appearing again, all over the place.  And in virtually every case, the “reviews” are just ridiculously over the top.  You’d think Torggler had just cured cancer or invented FTL.

I am compelled, therefore, to write this and clearly state just how horrible a design this really is.

You can see another image of this thing here, in a different colour and with more detail showing.  In good lighting and with better contrast, it’s easy to see that it’s no where near as rigid as the viral animated GIF suggests.  Also, the mechanisms that let it work are much more evident.  Kind of takes the magic away when the hinges are so obvious, eh?

Here’s a list of the things that are wrong with this joke of a “door.”  It’s probably not exhaustive, but it should be enough to clearly show why this design is just a terrible joke.

  1. Say your hands are full. How do you get it to open?
  2. It can close by accident if you brush against it when coming through the doorway (towards the camera). Even if it doesn’t close completely, it will likely close enough that no one can pass through it behind you.
  3. Soundproofing? Ve don neeed no steekeeng soundproofing!
  4. Lots of opportunity for it to pinch your fingers.
  5. The centre, which juts out as the door opens/closes, is just about at the perfect height to poke your young child’s eye out, bash them in the ears, or knock them on the back of their heads.
  6. It provides absolutely no security.
  7. Bleeds air like a sieve.
  8. Consumes wallspace unnecessarily.
  9. Really high stresses in the fixed pivot points, especially in fatigue, which means it’ll wear out much faster than a regular door.
  10. If you look closely, you can see it vibrate when it opens and closes, likely indicating it will start squeaking and groaning quite soon after installation.
  11. The vibration will make it hit the wall behind it, likely staining it over time. Won’t that look attractive?
  12. What happens when you “slam” it?
  13. In older buildings, doorways are unique and not even necessarily square. This implies custom manufacturing, which means even higher price.

So if you could stop fawning over this absurd, pointless, and dangerous exercise in egomania by the “artist” inventor, that’d be great. Thanks.


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