More evidence that endless growth is abomination

Last year, I wrote a post about the abominable notion of endless growth.  The point of that post was to indicate how absolutely delusional it is to think that things like the economy will always grow, and that the bigger a thing gets the more catastrophic the failure when it finally fails.

Today, nearly a year later, I found a blog post – the first on the wonderful Do The Math blog – dating back to just a few days before my own, and that covered the same topic, the absurdity of continued growth, but from a strictly mathematical point of view.  It’s a great post that shows that – at our current rate of growth of energy consumption – we will become a galaxy-consuming civilization in a mere 2,500 years.

I tip my hate to Tom Murphy’s excellent blog.  If you’ve not subscribed to Do The Math, you’re missing something special.


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