A great “experiment” for design researchers

This project is open only to members of the Design Society, but it’s so cool that I wanted to broadcast it widely.  Here’s the writeup, quoted directly from the Design Society Advisory Board:

As one of its activities towards promoting its members’ research, The Design Society is partnering with Google Scholar to pilot a new service, aimed at promoting DS members’ publications and citations. Please read on if you are interested in being a part of this experiment…

“Quality publications and high citation counts” is the ever-increasing focus of the academic research assessment exercise worldwide. The design research community provides great theoretical and empirical research results, but compared to neighbouring science fields, we have a challenge in upping our game with respect to publications and citations.

The Design Society has approached Google Scholar with the proposal of establishing a “scholar community”, where the DS can promote its members and their publications, so as to increase the visibility of our community’s work. Google Scholar has agreed to run a pilot with DS, based on Google Scholar Citations pages and a concept proposed by DS. The pilot will test a number of functions and services that could dramatically enhance the visibility of our community’s research results on the internet. All we need are 200 current DS members to sign up (by end of July 2012), so that the pilot can become a reality.

Even if your university only focuses on ISI or Scopus measurements, increasing numbers of academics use Google Scholar for their bibliographic searches – so optimising visibility on this medium is a smart move for all!

How to join in:

• If you do not already have a Google Scholar Citations profile, then register for one via this dedicated link: http://tinyurl.com/dspubs. [It’s important that you use this link, so we can track that you’re registering via the Design Society]
• If you do have a Google Scholar Citations profile and would like to affiliate this to the pilot project mentioned above, then follow this link http://tinyurl.com/ds-signup , and fill in the form.
• If you already registered your interest in this experiment at the DESIGN2012 conference, then there is no need to do any more at this point!

Once having done either of the above steps, wait for us to contact you about the new pilot service (this will take some weeks, as we first need to collect 200 profiles). The attached pdf file shows a presentation with further background and conceptualisation of this experiment.


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