Oh, the Recursion!

I don’t only blog.  I also save items I’ve read – blog posts, news articles, items from magazines – and form them into feeds.  Usually, I’ll try to comment on the item and give my own perspective.  That is, I reblog.

I do this to provide what I think are interesting and useful posts from a wide variety of sources for the benefit of my colleagues and students.  I also do this to further voice my opinion by building on what’s already been written, rather than rewriting everything from scratch.

It’s one of the lovely features of Google Reader.  You can tag and share items.  Each tag can be made into a public RSS feed.  So you can either follow everything I share, or you can follow based only on topics (tags) that interest you.  There’s lots of topics, so your best bet is to go to my Netvibes page and browse the various feeds there on politics, technology, atheism, society, science, and of course design.


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