Yeah, I’ve been playing with my theme again

Monochrome WP theme

Monochrome: sweet theme, but no RSS?

Update: 29 Jan 2010.  Monochrome has been fixed – pretty fast response by the WordPress team there.  Thanks!

Some of you may have noticed the look and feel of my blog hiccoughed a couple of times over the last few days.  Recently, WP announced a new theme, Monochrome, by mono-lab. It looked quite interesting, so I decided to give it a spin.  Because it has only a single sidebar, but my previous theme – a highly modified Andreas04 – had two sidebars, it took me a few hours to rearrange everything.

Monochrome is very, very nice.  Sleek and muted, with excellent spacing between elements – enough spacing for your eye to easily separate visual elements, but not enough to be wasteful of screen real estate – and some wonderful features.  You can read more about Monochrome elsewhere; suffice it to say, I’d thought I’d finally found a theme I could stick with for a while.

Except for one thing: no RSS feed.  A number of people have complained that the RSS feed in Monochrome doesn’t work.  This is a huge problem – I mean, what’s a blog without a feed?

I tried an assortment of things to get the RSS feed to wake up.  Some things – like changing your theme a few times – seems to have worked for some people.  But I, and some others, have had no luck.

I’ve switched back to another theme – The Journalist 1.9 – that I’ve used in the past, and that has only one sidebar.  I’m hoping Monochrome will be fixed soon, so switching back won’t be as time-consuming.

So that’s why you may have noticed my blog changing appearance a few times lately.


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