Ecofont swings – and misses

Ecofont is a font that uses 20% less ink; but there are other ways….

I’ve recently seen several postings about Ecofont, a new font that allegedly uses up to 20% less ink. The trick is that an Ecofont character is filled with small, ink-free circles. If the point size is big, then the holes are visible and – well, weird. But if the point size small (like the font your seeing now), then the inkless areas aren’t individually visible.

It’s a nice idea – ink is a “resource” that tends to be dirty, environmentally speaking. But I would like to suggest an alternative that is both green and gives you a surprising variety of font style….

Use grey letters. Since you can’t produce white ink by combining colours, it seems obvious that grey is just less-ink-than-black or whatever combination of colours your printer uses to get black. And you can make any font grey – you’re not stuck with the helvetica-like style of Ecofont. You can even beat Ecofont’s 20% savings, by choosing a really light shade of grey.

Sorry folks, but Ecofont swings…. and misses.


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