My web presence, I: What’s a web presence?

As promised in a previous post, here’s the beginning of the explanation of how I am designing my web presence.

Web presence is the term I use to describe the abstraction that is the sum total of everything I put on the web. My web presence not me, like some avatar or simulation of me. It’s what I leave behind; it’s the things I build and give some purposeful shape to on the web, the things that are still there after I log off that others will use or abuse for their own purposes.

My web presence not an artifact, like a product I might design, because once the artifact is done and out the door, I’m through with it. My web presence is different because I’m always revisiting it, tweaking it, disassembling and reconstructing it to better reflect me, help me, stimulate me. It grows and evolves with me. I do log off, but I always log back on, loaded with new ideas and bits of information that I want to add to my digital universe-self.

Everyone’s web presence is different. Discovering what exactly your web presence is can be alot like a vision quest; you have to start seeing yourself from the outside and relate your self to the rest of the (digital) world. Your web presence will also evolve over time – partly because the web itself continues to change and evolve. The services that you can use today to express your web presence are far more sophisticated than what was available just a few years ago.

And if you want to have a true web presence – a presence that is true to you – then you need to learn about the alternatives. Don’t just use facebook because everyone you know uses facebook. Use it because it best suits your web presence.

My web presence is that of a geek with a slight case of OCD. I like to order and organize the things I know. And I like to keep up with certain kinds of information, even though that information isn’t directly useful to me in my career. I also like to express myself – not in social settings, but in more one-way settings. Hence this blog, and my wiki.


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