I will now predict the future!

A heads-up on forthcoming entries.

Looks like I’ve decided to stick with Blogger. It seems both functionally & aesthetically sufficient to me. The details of this decision will appear in a future entry too, because these were design decisions. Indeed, the point of my first few entries will revolve around why and how I came to need a blog.

I’ve been worried that my web presence has gotten too scattered, too disconnected, and that I have been spending too much time pissing around with different software tricks to try to make everything stick together.

So I decided to make a conscious effort to plan out my web presence – in other words, I designed it. This blog is (part of) the result. And since this is a design-oriented blog, then reflecting here on what I did rather makes sense. So upcoming blogs will cover:

  • What exactly was wrong with my web presence?
  • What did I need my web presence to do?
  • How would I address the imbalance between how things were and how I wanted them to be?
  • How did I choose the tools I’d use?
  • What’s the new & improved web presence like?

Of course, the odd other entry may get in the way. But that’s the web for ya! So stay tuned for more.


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